Evy Massage Therapy

d’huiles essentielles

Evy a
sélectionné avec soin une gamme d’huiles essentielles. Ces huiles sont
mélangées selon leurs propriétés, et varient à chaque saison. L’huile végétale
et les huiles essentielles sont bio.


Suédois  –  Deep
tissue  –  Sports  –  Aromathérapie


Un client n’est jamais dépêché après une séance de massage. Evy s’adaptera en fonction des besoins de chaque client.

La presse

Evy Massage Therapy featured in « Les meilleurs massages de Paris » (éditions Parigramme) and « Beauté 500 adresses et bons plans à Paris, Edition 2010 » (éditions marie claire).

My Custom Craftworks table has crossed the world with me…

« I live in Paris, France, where I grew
up. For many years, however, I lived in Los Angeles, and it was at the
Massage School of Santa Monica that I discovered my love for massage
therapy, a passion that has been my life’s work for nearly three
I moved back to France with my American husband, it was out of the
question that I leave my old table behind. So I lugged my Custom Craftworks table—probably
one of the company’s first—with me to France. In those days massage
tables here were pretty basic, and my clients were very impressed with
my comfortable American table
1998 I realized that I needed another table and I didn’t
hesitate for a second that I would get another Custom Craftworks table.
After consulting with the friendly folks in Oregon, I ordered another Custom Craftworks table, this one a gorgeous ivory color. 
never forget the day my Athena table arrived in Paris. I could hardly
believe my eyes. Underneath the superbly constructed table, on the
“upholstered/assembled by” label and next to the date of March 10, 1998,
was a drawing of a soccer ball with “Vive la France” written above and
“World Cup ‘98” below! Whoever had built my table was clearly a soccer
fan and knew where the table was headed. France would go on that
summer to win the World Cup. Now, I don’t know if Custom Craftworks helped the French beat Brazil that day, but I do know that my Athena table,
after literally thousands of massages and nearly 20 years down the
line, is still going strong! That’s what I call quality craftsmanship.
If my soccer fan is still working at Custom Craftworks, merci beaucoup.
You can be proud of your work. I wouldn’t change brands for anything in
the world. 
Vive la France. Vive l’Amérique. And Vive Custom Craftworks!  » – Evy, Paris, France